Master & Special Alloys


Bamco’s Master Alloys are used in Remelt industries where re-melting of cut-offs or flashings occurs.

The use of our master alloys as opposed to pure metal additions gives cost benefits to our customers. The cost benefits are the result of rapid and complete dissolution of the additive in the customer’s liquid metal.

The master alloys are used to adjust the concentrations of alloying metals eg silicon, manganese, copper in the remelt furnaces.

The percentage of alloying addition to the Aluminum is higher in Master alloys when compared to Foundry Alloys and this is achieved by being able to melt at much higher temperatures than in a typical foundry.

Bamco’s master alloys are produced in our induction furnaces where high temperatures of up to 1200C are achievable. At these temperatures, the metal additives such as silicon are completely dissolved in the aluminium.

Our Master Alloys are also produced from primary aluminium metal which is purchased in ingot form from the local smelter. Bamco has two, 2 ton capacity induction furnaces into which the aluminium is added together with other metal additives to meet our customers specifications. The metal is analyzed prior to, during and at the end of the casting to ensure that the metal alloy is with in specification.

The cast ingots weigh approximately 7kg depending on the alloy being cast.

The cast products are then moved to the packing area for assembly into bundles barcoding and container loading, in preparation for shipping.

Master plant capacity is 5,000 ton per year. Various master alloys with high concentrations of Silicon, Manganese, Copper, Chrome and Iron are produced including AlSi50%, AlCu50% and AlMn20. Special alloys are also produced as per customer requirements.