Foundry Alloys




Bamco’s Foundry Alloys are used in low pressure, high pressure die casting and sand mould casting industries. These include:

1.The automotive industry where wheels, piston and cylinder heads are manufactured;

2. The steel plant industry in corrosion applications

3. In the electrical conductor industry eg cables and connectors

4. And in general die casting applications for example pump casings

Foundry Alloys are produced from primary aluminium metal which is purchased in liquid form from the local smelter. Bamco has two 12-ton capacity furnaces into which the aluminium is added together with other metal additives to meet our customers specifications. The metal is degassed using an inline launder treatment process. The metal is analysed prior to, during and at the end of the casting to ensure that the metal alloy is with specification. The cast ingots are typically 7 kg ingots and sows of different weights are also produced.

The cast products are then moved to the packing area for assembly into bundles, bar coding and container loading in preparation for shipping. Bamco sells foundry alloys to customers in 26 countries which includes Europe, the Middle East, S. E. Asia, the Indian subcontinent, North and South America and Pakistan. Bamco’s biggest markets are in India and Indonesia.